Mallets & Hammers

The PB Swiss Tools mallets are extremely robust and are unique in their construction: They are available with and without rebound. The wooden handles consist of FSC-certified hickory wood or of first-class fiber glass material. Their dimensions are adapted to the weights of the hammer heads. They are better balanced in the hand than normal standard shafts.

Mallet with rebound
The inserts consist of extremely tough, wear-resistant special polyamide. Handles are made of FSC-certified hickory wood.

Dead-blow mallets
The discs allow a more hard-wearing design of the steel middle piece than is possible with pellet-filled mallets. Handles made of FSC-certified hickory wood or fiber glass material. The discs are thrown downward upon impact and absorb the recoil. This gives a full, accurate blow.

The multi-purpose mallet
Mallet with two different shaped heads made of touch, wear-resistant special polyamide. Locksmith's work for heavy-duty applications: Polyamide head, flat striking surface, Steel top. Gentle work for precise, fine striking: Polyamide head, crowned striking surface.

Note: Photos are for representation only and may differ slightly from the actual product.

Note: The wooden shafts are fastened securely into the steel tube, with a special wedge and a heavy split pin. They can nevertheless be changed easily when this is required. The inserts of especially tough polyamide are anchored securely to the hammer head. They can also be replaced easily.