MecaTorque ESD Adjustable Screwdrivers

The PB Swiss Tools MecaTorque handles feature a mechanical design - without electronics and without batteries. They are reliable, robust and accurate.


The PB Swiss Tools MecaTorque handles are simple, reliable and safe in their application. They can steplessly be adjusted to the desired value without additional tool using the cap at the end of the handle. The display on the analog scale is available as a metric [Nm] or a non-metric [ft*lbf] design.
ESD, electrostatic discharge:
The PB ESD screwdrivers for all workplaces at which electrostatic charges or discharges can lead to hazards or damage:
 • Discharges: in the case of sensitive electronic components and in environments at risk of explosios.
 • Charges: in clean rooms to prevent the attraction of contaminating particles.

The PB Swiss Tools ESD tool handles ensure safe dissipation of electrostatic charges. The surface resistance of the dissipative plastic is 106 to 109 Ohm.
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