Precision & Electronics Screwdrivers

The PB Swiss Tools electronics screwdrivers, for precise work in the electronics field: in long design with spherical handle-end or short version with rotatable handle cap. Both versions are made of the comfortable, non-slip CAB* material of the Classic screwdriver.

 • Slim, round shape
 • Non-slip surface structure
 • Quick rotating cap

The structured surface guarantees additional grip when tightening or loosening screws. 

The short version is also available as an ESD** version as per IEC Standards 61340-5-1 and 61340-5-2. It offers reliable protection of electronic components with its antistatic handle material.

  * Cellulose Acetate Butyrate
** ESD: Electrostatic Discharge

Note: Photos are for representation only and may differ slightly from the actual product.