Torque Tools

A new generation of hand tools for reliable work

For reliable work with predefined torques for controlled screw connections, PB Swiss Tools offers two variants of torque handles:

  • The new MecaTorque with pure mechanical design and analog scale.
  • The proven DigiTorque handles with integrated electronics and digital display. 


Both versions cover the entire range continuously between 0.1 and 16 Nm.

  • The MecaTorque is available in ESD design for work in ESD-protected areas.
  • In the VDE version, it guarantees safe working up to 1000 V AC or 1500 V DC.
  • All handles with the exception of the small MecaTorque for use with precision blades consist of two components. 
  • All of the torque handles are supplied with test certificate +/- 6% according to EN/ISO 6789. 

In machining technology, assembly, car manufacture, and in all areas of industry, reliability, accuracy of repetition and gentle bolting are becoming increasingly important. Screws are no longer simply tightened «by feel» but instead with a defined amount of torque.

For all controlled screwing, the PB Swiss Tools torque handles meet the highest requirements. They combine the reliable release mechanism of a dynamometric device with the handiness of the ergonomic SwissGrip screwdriver. All handles have the pleasant, non-slip Santoprene® coating.

We recommend annual recalibration of the handles or regular checking with an accurate torque testing device. 

PB Swiss Tools offers a warranty of 3 years against manufacturing and material defects for all Torque tools.

Note: Photos are for representation only and may differ slightly from the actual product.